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365 Rules is a product from myself, Simon Stevens. It is described as rules but it is really light touch guidelines to a positive way of living. Some rules are deep and meaningful, others are practical and some are just a bit of fun. The list is not to be taken too seriously but I hope they are helpful to you.




1. Allow yourself to change your mind at any tind

2. Allow yourself to daydream when you can

3. Always add a date and maybe time to document filenames to make them easier to file

4. Always arrive clean and tidy to a meeting but it does not matter how your leave

5. Always celebrate your birthday

6. Always check what organisation has funded the research before judging its value

7. Always dress for success

8. Always explore new ways of doing things

9. Always finish any task you start even if it is bit by bit over many years

10. Always focus on your strengths and never your weaknesses

11. Always give more than you are willing take

12. Always have a backup of your presentation on an USB stick just in case

13. Always have a plan for when things go wrong

14. Always have some kind of internet software on your computer

15. Always imagine what the worst thing that can happen when facing your fears

16. Always keep a rain coat and waterproof trousers in your rucksack to make sure it does not rain

17. Always keep your taxi home money separate from your drinking money on a good night out

18. Always listen to your body

19. Always look after yourself first so you can better look after others

20. Always pay your bills, eventually

21. Always perform a very regular backup of your computer data

22. Always put a good idea into practice

23. Always put the details from business cards into your address book

24. Always realise any holiday is going to cost double than you actually paid for it

25. Always record when you met important people

26. Always submit your expense forms as soon as you can

27. Always take a coat with you on a summers day just in case

28. Always try to find a good home for anything you are no longer using

29. Always try to make your criticisms positive and constructive

30. Always wear a lifejacket when it is needed

31. Always wear the proper kit for any sporting activities.

32. Appreciate dreams is a way of your mind sorting out the events of the day

33. Appreciate spam email is just a part of life rather than something to stress about

34. Appreciate the true weakness of bullies

35. Appreciate there is diversity within diversity within diversity

36. Avoid argument about Apple or Microsoft, it is just not worth it

37. Avoid challenging people's right to describe themselves in a specific way

38. Avoid situations where he said she said they said you said

39. Avoid stressing out on matters you can not change at that specific moment

40. Avoid talking jargon to people who may not understand it

41. Avoid talking to people online if you have no idea who they are

42. Avoid telling jokes which do not belong to you

43. Avoid the terms handicapped and retard

44. Avoid unnecessary conflict whenever you can

45. Balance work and leisure for a healthy lifestyle

46. Balance your rights with your responsibilities

47. Be a participant of life and not just an observer

48. Be around young people to feel young

49. Be aware of your bad habits

50. Be careful when you are driving an electric wheelchair

51. Be confident to have your own opinion

52. Be confident to share your feelings in an appropriate way

53. Be prepared to think outside the box to solve problems

54. Be weary of people who claim to represent the views of another person

55. Be wise in how you use social media

56. Brush your teeth after every meal

57. Buy the little things which make you feel good

58. Buy things which are value for money for the purpose you intend to use them for

59. Celebrate the benefits of the computer, internet and the iPad!

60. Celebrate the diversity of lifestyle that exists in the world

61. Check your bank balances online every day

62. Common Sense is only common sense if you know it is common sense

63. Confront your fears and never run away

64. Confront your fears on your terms

65. Consider drinking zero sugar coke if you enjoy drinking a lot of it

66. Consider how much sci-fi should be sci-fact

67. Consider joining a chocolate tasting club as a treat for giving up drinking alcohol

68. Consider New Year revolutions are an opportunity for reflection rather then a definite task lists

69. Consider using a boiler suit when decorating your home

70. Consider using a shorty wetsuit for swimming in a cold pool

71. Control your television and do not let it control you

72. Criticism may only be a difficulty in fully understanding your viewpoint

73. Do not allow other people to bully you

74. Do not apologise when someone in a wheelchair tries to run you over

75. Do not ask for a white christmas because it is not as nice in reality as is looks

76. Do not ask someone with a speech impairment to repeat a tongue twister.

77. Do not assume everyone in the world speaks English

78. Do not assume everyone understands what you are saying in the way you want them to understand

79. Do not assume just 'being disabled' gives you an automatic right to special treatment

80. Do not assume that a person that appears to be struggling needs help

81. Do not be afraid of asking for help when you need it

82. Do not be afraid to stop watching a film you are not enjoying

83. Do not be envious of a lifestyle you do not have the aspiration to achieve

84. Do not be embarrassed to use an bib/apron if it will be helpful

85. Do not be frightened to admit when you are wrong

86. Do not believe everything you read

87. Do not click 'delete' if you do not really know what you are doing

88. Do not cry over spilled milk, its corny but classically true

89. Do not demand respect when you are not prepared to give it

90. Do not expect other people to read your mind, just tell them what you are thinking

91. Do not feel afraid to ask anyone if they need some help

92. Do not feel frightened to make a special request at restaurants if what you really want is not quite on the menu

93. Do not force people to eat food they do not enjoy

94. Do not forget your passport when you travel aboard

95. Do not grow old too gracefully

96. Do not judge a book by its cover but first impressions do matter

97. Do not let other people's criticisms put you off using the qualities you have to overcome the qualities you do not have

98. Do not let other people's rules control your life

99. Do not let others be negative about your form of normality

100. Do not let others make you a victim

101. Do not let someone else stop you doing what you want and able to do

102. Do not make assumptions about people's support situations

103. Do not make assumptions about the relationship between 2 people.

104. Do not mistake 'political correctness' with a better understanding of the impact specific language has.

105. Do not over-react if someone's girlfriend is actually their boyfriend

106. Do not park in a disabled space if you do not have a blue badge

107. Do not play happy families if you do not want to

108. Do not punish yourself for having a good time

109. Do not put the value of material processions over the value of people

110. Do not take friendships for granted, they need attention to survive

111. Do not use a distrust of 'political correctness' as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour

112. Do not waste too much time and energy working out your carbon footprint

113. Do not worry about getting dirty when having fun with paint, wear an apron or smock

114. Do not worry about going to bed too early or too late

115. Eat what you want for breakfast

116. Embrace and learn from your own mistakes

117. Embrace change and use it to your advantage

118. Embrace technology in a way that works for you

119. Embrace your sexuality

120. Enjoy Christmas for the joy of giving presents to those who will appreciate them

121. Enjoy Christmas in the way you want to enjoy it

122. Enjoy every day as if its your last

123. Enjoy the benefits of wireless headphones

124. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of dawn or dust on a hot summers day

125. Enjoy your small successes as well as your large ones

126. Ensure you discuss morals and ethics to include people rather than excluding them

127. Ensure you have enough opportunities so not to be bored

128. Ensure you have a pleasurable activity planned for each day of the year

129. Feel free to wear what you want to home

130. Find the true causes of a problem before proposing a solution

131. Find ways on having your privacy in a public place

132. Find ways to treat yourself special without spending too much money

133. Follow your own story, not anyone elses

134. Forgive yourself for wasting food if it can not be helped.

135. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes

136. Get your computer to speak back what you wrote before sending it to anyone

137. Give everyone a fair hearing before passing judgement

138. Give McDonalds credit for what they achieved before complaining about globalisation.

139. Give yourself enough time in the mornings to wake up properly

140. Google your name at least once a month as you never know what you may find

141. Have a filing system which can make some sense to other people

142. Have a zero tolerate approach to drinking and driving

143. Have some fun designing your own logo

144. Have your own website if you want to control what the world knows about you

145. If it is about who you know, make sure you know everyone

146. If you are going to kill someone, make sure you do it properly

147. If you are going to lie, make sure it is a good one!

148. If you aware of a problem, just solve it!

149. If you can not sleep, try listening to soft music

150. If you do not ask, you will never find out if it is possible

151. If you do not know the answer, admit it.

152. If you do not know you are being patronising when you are being patronising then you are definitely patronising.

153. If you enjoy listening to a lot of music, try Spotify

154. If you have a complaint, do something about it!

155. If you have a problem with a disabled person, tell them directly

156. If you know you are being 'ripped off' then you are not really being ripped you

157. If you smell a real out of control fire, call 999/112/911 immediately

158. If you swim everyday or so, consider wear a swimming hat

159. If you want to be famous, get your own domain name!

160. If you want to prevent yourself getting verrucas, wear latex swimming socks in pools

161. If you work from home, try to have at least one day out each week

162. Improve your life bit by bit, day by day

163. Invent creative ways of annoying telephone sales people that ring you to annoy you.

164. It is good to challenge the viewpoint of others

165. It is good to enjoy a holiday and also coming back from it

166. It is hard to make money out of helping people

167. It is important to balance good sleep and good food

168. It is sometimes quicker, easier and nicer to go by train rather than plane

169. Keep a clean body to keep a clean mind

170. Keep reviewing the services you are using to check if you still need them and whether you can get them cheaper from other providers

171. Keep saving a document every time you have a break

172. Keep your use of paper to a minimum

173. Know about your local public transport even if you do not intend to use it

174. Know how to be politely assertive

175. Know how to be politely rude

176. Know how to find personal space in a crowd

177. Know how to stop and enjoy right now

178. Know that the British and the Americans do not speak the same language despite how it appears

179. Know the difference between a carer and a personal assistant

180. Know the difference between impairment and disability

181. Know what your 'perfect day' would look like

182. Know when age appropriateness is not appropriate

183. Know when and when not to call the emergency services

184. Know when to not to immediately complain but to make a mental note for when you are ready

185. Know when to see the doctor and when not to

186. Know when to switch off your mobile phone

187. Know when you are stressed and what to do to relieve it

188. Know which battles to fight and which to walk away from

189. Know you are right until you are proven wrong

190. Learn as much as you can when you can

191. Learn at least how to say yes, no, hello and goodbye for the language of any country you visit

192. Learn from television soaps for when it happens to you

193. Learn how takeaway food can work as a part of a balance diet

194. Learn how to lose an argument against yourself so you appreciate both sides

195. Learn to be confident in water

196. Learn to embrace a level of pain rather than fear it

197. Look after the pennies/cents as well as the pounds/dollars/euros

198. Look after your staff so they can look after you

199. Look beyond the headline before making a comment

200. Make having a bath or a shower a luxurious experience

201. Make sleep an enjoyable experience

202. Make sure you are receiving everything you are entitled to

203. Make sure you have 'your' holiday

204. Make today your best day

205. Make your secondlife avatar a representation of your inner self

206. Most things are good for you in moderation

207. Never accept no from a customer service representative, it just means they do not know or more likely can't be bothered

208. Never assume anyone can not speak for themselves

209. Never assume everyone thinks like you

210. Never assume everything will straight forward

211. Never assume someone is stupid from the way their look

212. Never assume suicide is the only option available to you

213. Never assume they know you know they know

214. Never be frightened to ask for help

215. Never become too predictable

216. Never become too easy to read

217. Never blog about something and someone you may regret latter

218. Never buy something you can get for free

219. Never call Secondlife a game

220. Never fear feedback from others

221. Never feel guilty to have an afternoon nap if you need one

222. Never forget your mobile charger and power adapters when you go on holidays

223. Never go to bed without resolving a conflict with a loved one

224. Never judge a situation without asking question

225. Never leave home without a fully charged mobile

226. Never leave home without your keys

227. Never leave home without your business cards

228. Never let “what if” stop “what will”

229. Never let anyone bring down your mood when you are happy

230. Never make assumptions about how another country is different or the same

231. Never open the door to complete strangers

232. Never pretend to understand what someone says when you have not, ask them to repeat.

233. Never say 'we believe' when you mean 'I believe'

234. Never say never as you never know what will happen in the future

235. Never say no when you meant yes

236. Never say yes when you meant no

237. Never stop believing in anything you are passionate about

238. Never stop believing in Santa Claus

239. Never stop learning

240. Never stop remembering the feeling of being young

241. Never take yourself too seriously

242. Never tease someone for using more safety gear than you deem necessary

243. Never tell someone something they are not ready to hear

244. Never throw away any letter about your tax and benefits

245. Never treat anyone as less or more important than yourself.

246. Never treat anyone in a manner you would not want to be treated

247. Never under estimate the value of wetsuit booties

248. Never waste a good opportunity

249. Never wear a loosely fitting hat on a windy day

250. Never wear a seat harness without a crotch strap to avoid sliding down

251. Never worry about what others think about you

252. Nothing is as stable as you may believe, or last forever.

253. Obey any rule so much as its applies to you

254. Only accept an apology if you feel it is genuine

255. Only be controversial if you are prepared for the response.

256. Only buy supermarket offers if you know you are going to use the products and not waste them

257. Only call an ambulance if you can not get to the hospital by your own means

258. Only eat food you enjoy when you enjoy it

259. Only say sorry if you mean it

260. Only set up a limited company if it is really worth doing

261. Only tell a joke if you are confident you will make people laugh

262. People will remember when you do not say please or thank you

263. Prepare for your old age and how you wish to be supported when the time comes

264. Rather than telling someone they are wrong, ask them if they think they are doing it right

265. Read the Harry Potter books at least once

266. Realise technology is always improving so try to resist buying every piece of the latest technology

267. Recognise all your addictions (even Chocolate)

268. Regard money as a tool rather then a possession

269. Remember taxis are the ones that do not take cards!

270. Remember that every age had its good points and its bad points.

271. Remember that everyone is an individual with their own likes, dislikes, preferences and ways of doing thing

272. Remember that someone and something has a story worthy of telling.

273. Remember that the data is the most important part of a computer

274. Remember that the iPhone is not the only mobile phone in the world

275. Remember those that have helped you along the way

276. Remember to always record your favourite TV programmes so you do not miss them

277. Remember you are never too old to enjoy a pantomime

278. Remember you only live once and there are no second chances

279. Remembe that before the beginning is a thought

280. Respect other people's opinions without being afraid to challenge them

281. Respect other people's viewpoint and preferences

282. Respect the difference of others

283. Respect the fact you may not be fully aware of the culture of another person

284. Sandwich criticisms between positive points

285. See a summer's day as when you can wear t-shirts and shorts outside.

286. See New Year as a celebration of the past and the future

287. See the person but do not ignore their impairments

288. Send important documents by email in PDF format so they can not be edited

289. Share experiences with others in a way they understand

290. Support other people to make their own mistakes

291. Take control of when you will be available to talk

292. Take responsibility for your rights

293. Tell people what you can do, not what you can not do

294. The most important person in your life is YOU

295. There is nothing wrong with being determined

296. Too not take television soaps too seriously

297. Travel the world as much as possible

298. Treat everyone with respect as you may need their help one day

299. Try everything at least once so you can have an informed opinion on it

300. Try never to end a conversation on bad terms with the mother person

301. Try not to over fill your plate on an “all you can eat” buffet, it may be better to enjoy a smaller amount rather than stuff yourself silly!

302. Try to avoid a 'not in my backyard' attitude

303. Try to be very early for an event rather than be slightly late

304. Try to find all the pieces of your jigsaw

305. Try to have a spa treatment at least once a year

306. Try to make your website as accessible as you can

307. Try to manage your food in a way that minimises waste

308. Try to only buy personal treats when they are on sale

309. Try to remain friends with your former partners

310. Try to spend a little as you can on the things you need so you can spend as much as you can on the things you want

311. Try to taste anything at least once

312. Try to turn your weaknesses into strengths in their own right

313. Understand 'Best before' dates on food does not mean when they are inedible

314. Understand a carer may be a paid member of staff or an unpaid family member

315. Understand a good idea is nothing if no ones knows about it

316. Understand and appreciate leisure as helping your mental wellbeing rather than a form of luxury

317. Understand everyone is an individual with a viewpoint even if its appears they can not communicate

318. Understand good television programmes never disappear, they are just reinvented

319. Understand how to manage your energy by borrowing and paying back from your mind and body

320. Understand if you did not buy a ticket, you can not win the lottery, especially in another country

321. Understand it was not 'only a joke' if it was meant to be understood in that way

322. Understand language translation software may be useful but not as accurate as they try to be

323. Understand men and women are equal but different

324. Understand that everything has a beginning, middle and an end.

325. Understand that medical operations do not 'cure' you but rather just make the situation better

326. Understand that simple food like fresh bread can be the best

327. Understand that the book is often better than the film

328. Understand that there are more people watching you than you would ever know

329. Understand the desire to commit suicide is a feeling of hopelessness to a current problem that should never be acted upon

330. Understand the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit

331. Understand the difference between faith and religion

332. Understand the difference between lying and not telling the truth

333. Understand trust can be won and lost in degrees

334. Understand which health service you need to use if you have a health issue

335. Understand why the year 2100 is not a leap year

336. Understand you can do anything you want so long as you take responsibility for the consequences

337. Understand you can only change attitudes by dictating how people should behave in specific situations

338. Understand your own feelings

339. Use facebook as a tool and not as a whole lifestyle

340. Use facebook to make a new relationship with old friends

341. Use money as a tool for happiness

342. Use the internet to check facts from a number of sources

343. Value the benefits of a hot shower or a warm bath

344. Value the importance of photographs

345. Value the richness of your memories

346. Visit somewhere you are worried about before you need to so you have time to overcome any fears

347. Watch your weight but do not stress about it

348. Wear the crotch strap properly on your lifejacket if when is fitted

349. When you apply for a job or enter a competition, enjoy each step of the process whatever the outcome

350. When you want to make a complain, try to find the direct email address to the most senior person in the organisation

351. Words can be easily spoken but never taken back

352. Work at the times you have most the most energy

353. Worry when you do not know what a letter says before you open it

354. Write down all your tasks for each day so you do not forget

355. Write down any ideas you have as soon as you can

356. You are never too old to have some childish fun

357. You are the age that you feel

358. You can do anything you want if you really want to and willing to do whatever it takes

359. You can never have enough friends

360. You can never predict the future and it can be amazing what is just around the corner

361. You can never take too many photographs

362. You can not threaten someone who has nothing to hide

363. You must do something deliberately for 28 days to make sure it becomes a habit

364. You should enjoy the majority of the day, not a minority

365. Your greatest achievements will be ones that no one else will know about