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Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) relates to the communication devices and solutions designed for people with speech impairments and no verbal communication.


I am a part-time Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) user as someone who previously used a Lightwriter and now an iPad with a simple app called ‘SpeechAssistant’.


I also have many friends who are non-verbal or have speech impairments, and use a range of communication aids. 


I have also worked in the AAC field with a number of organisations including 1Voice, Communications Matters and Toby Churchill.


I have provided Toby Churchill with product evaluation services in relation to developing their Lightwriter


I also have coordinated an AAC research project within the Midlands funding by Department of Education.


I have presented a number of papers on various issues relating to AAC at Communications Matters conferences by myself, and with Patrick Bates


I have also presented on using a Lightwriter at ISAAC in Pittsburgh in 2012.


I believe it is important that everyone as the right and ability to communicate in a meaningful and accessible manner as a cornerstone to meeting other outcomes.


I can provide a range of consultancy and training services in terms of an user experience of AAC.