Galaforce - Galaforce

I am a leading independent and honest dysability and inclusion issues consultant trainer, activist and social change agent, based in Coventry (UK), with a vast experience and expertise in a wide range of fields including disability equality, independent living, health policy, social care, lifestyle advocacy, employing personal assistants and Secondlife.


In the last 25 years, I have worked with a huge variety of local, national and international organisations, including Scope, Warwick University, Channel 4, Department of Health, Council of Europe, National Housing Federation and eBay. I have also been a trustee of Skills for Care as someone who uses services.


I am the founder and owner of Wheelies, the world's first disability themed virtual nightclub, and star of I'm Spazticus, Channel 4's disability prank show. I have blogged for the Huffington Post since 2013. 


I also write a personal and honest opinion blog available at which has an archive of over 800 articles going back to 2010.


Born in 1974, I have cerebral palsy which affects my speech, balance, hand control and continence in a significant manner, as well as providing me with a very good sense of humour.


I also have asthma, acute neuropathy that means I have constant nerve and muscle pain, and cyclothymia, a mild form of bipolar, that makes my life interesting to say the least.

I own a small piece of land of Glencoe, Scotland, which means I have the official title of Lord.


Despite my difficulties and the level of everyday discrimination I have faced throughout my life, I have been able to help others in a number of ways using my willingness and openness to discuss my own experiences. I have enjoyed a vast range of life opportunities and experiences, which I both appreciate and value.


I have travelled around the world throughout my life for business as well as leisure, and taken part in many sporting activities, especially those involving water, which I enjoy the most.


My mission in life is to make an active and meaningful contribution to supporting disabled people and others, especially people with significant or severe impairments, to maximise their life opportunities and experiences through everything I do.


Politically, while I was New Labour I currently align myself to the Conservative Party. This is basically because I oppose collectivism and I strong believe of the power pf the individual, individualism. My full political beliefs can be seen in my Stevens' Manifesto.


I have been an active campaigner throughout my life and I believe in working with organisations, not against them, whenever possible. This means that I have built up a long list of colleagues and friends in many organisations. I have developed a number of formal and informal campaigns on a wide range of issues and I am always proactive to solving the problems that affect myself and others.


My honesty and openness does not always make me popular, but I am passionate in helping others, even in that is in ways they may not understand.


You can download my life story free at and my main website address is