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I have achieved a number of great things during my life, and I always regard my greatest achievement to be right now because it is a combination of everything I have so far achieved in my life.


While it may seem impossible in this era to claim to be the only or firth person in the world to achieve something, I have achieved this on more than once occasation, like with my work in Secondlife.


There are four achievements I am especially proud about. 


Firstly, I wrote a play about my experiences of mainstream education, "Normality", being first performed by my Sixth Form College, Collyer's in 1991. The play was based on my experiences of going to a mainstream school.


Secondly, I was an active participant and coordinator of the European Human Bridges project between 1996 and 2007, which organised many week long seminars for disabled and non-disabled young people across over 15 European countries. The project held seminars in Slovakia, Sweden, Hungary, Bosnia, France, Romania and Turkey.


Thirdly, I was awarded the Community Category of Enterprising Young Brits in 2004 which was presented by Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor.

Finally, Newsweek International produced a video in 2007 for a cover feature about Wheelies, the world’s first virtual disability themed nightclub in the world using the secondlife platform. The club supports 1000s of disabled people around the world and provides a safe area for socialising and chatting. In July 2008, the club won the revolutionary award of the UK Catalyst Awards, also presented by Gordon Brown.


While these are some of my formal achievements, my biggest achievement has been all the many people I have made a difference to, big or small, through my life.


Another achievement is my website. I have designed this website myself using WIX, and I have designed all my own logos using Affinity Designer. I am able to quickly design both websites and logos for others using my Create service. 


While I have many achievements that others will recognise and celebrate, I also have many subtle achievements that even I do not fully recognise.