on Alcohol

Tommy - Tommy


Alcohol has had a positive significance in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. It has been used for celebration, or commiseration, for relaxation, for building friendships and as a form of medicine.

It is only in the last decade that the cruel body-controlling NHS has demonised the use of alcohol, especially for the ‘working class’.

I acknowledge in my past and during times of extreme stress that my alcohol usage was dangerously high, potentially causing liver failure.

Aged 46 with severe cerebral palsy, I believe I use an healthy amount of alcohol each day in what is a complex body and mind to relax myself, assist me to concentrate on my written work, and to assist me to sleep. Considering my social, physical and emotional needs, alcohol is a vital part of managing my needs and I now unwilling to feel shame for doing this.

I am aware of the potential risks of continuing to drink alcohol and I have a fatty liver. I also understand I most likely have a shorted life due to regular bouts of aspiration pneumonia and so sepsis which will most likely eventually kill me at some point in next 10 years or so. Therefore, to enjoy my life I will keep drinking as it as good for me.

If I am berated in the future for my use of alcohol, I will regard it as bigotry, discrimination and a hate crime, and appropriate legal action will be taken.