Thats Living Alright - Thats Living Alright

My core ambition in life is to be recognised internationally for the contributions I have raised in improving the life experiences and opportunities for people with high support needs.


I would like to be wealthy enough to not have any financial worries, and have a level of stable income where I am not reliant on tax credits or other benefits. I want to be able to purchase items as I desire them, including nice holidays and cruises.


In terms of Politics, while I decided not to have a formal role in any specific political party, it is my intention to play a significant informal role of developing dysability related policies with parties that are most likely to share my objectives, which is currently the Conservative Party. 


I am also like an extremely high number of followers on my social networks, and I believe in this is reflective of how the power of individuals is measured within 21st Century.


My over-riding ambitions are to be happy with every aspect of my life and to leave a lasting impression upon the world when I die.