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I was born in Margate, Kent, on 20th April 1974. My birth had complications that meant I was a starved of oxygen and this resulted in Cerebral Palsy


I would brought up by my birth mother in Horsham, West Sussex along with my birth father until I was 7 and then my step father. 


I have one blood brother and numerous half and step brothers and sisters, which I have had very little contact with for many years.


I have succeeded throughout my life because with determination and passion, I took advantage of every opportunity given to me, often the same opportunities given to anyone else particularly my non-disabled peers. 


My family did not really play a big part in how I am succeeded because I feel they were unwilling to accept me as I am, as opposed to how they wished me to be, and therefore there were toxic to my goals and objectives, which means I no longer have contact with them if I wanted to succeed in life.


I feel I have not had any less privileged or more privileged background than any of my non-disabled peers, I just took the opportunities available to me and did not conform to what others expected of me. 


I have always been determined and it is difficult to pinpoint where that fire in my belly comes from.