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Dysability is the social, attitudinal and environmental barriers people with impairments may experience within specific situations and circumstances. 


I believe dysability can be eradicated or minimised by changing the physical and social structures which impacts a person’s life experience or opportunities.

Dysability Science

Dysability Science is a collection of psychological, sociological and other academic disciplines that together are combined into a 'dysabiity science'. As a science, this is a formal understanding of the complexities of dysability issues and an acknowledgement that many viewpoints and theories that exist, which offer a method of observing the issues from many perspectives.


Impairment is a biological and/or functional difference from the perceived norm that is deemed to be a disadvantage or warrants on going medical attention.


Impairmentism is the systematic and institutional discrimination and unfair treatment faced by people with impairments.


Inclusion is the equal participation in any and every activity available and chosen by an individual with as free barriers as possible.


influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. How is it measured and compared in terms of being an influential ‘disabled person’ is based on many factors as well as the individual opinions of those judging. Also, the perception of influence may be base on public image rather than a whole range of activities any individual may have performed as well as the hidden power they have.

Purple Pound

The Purple Pound relates to spending power of people with impairments, similar to the Pink Pound (LGBTQ) and Grey Pound. It is important for all organisations to change their policies and procedures to tap into the benefits on the Purple pound.

Significant Impairment

I define significant impairment as one that attracts undisclosed stigma or requires a social care intervention beyond a medical one.


I deem people with significant impairments as most likely to experience prolonged and/or continuous forms of disability that affects many aspects of their life, and them having an experience similar to myself.


I wish to primarily improve the life experiences and opportunities of people with significant impairments in all my activities.


Work is the ability and activity to help others directly or indirectly, paid or unpaid, as a job or in an untraditional manner.

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