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Crime is an unlawful act punishable by a state or other authority.


Everyone can be a victim of crime, or even commit crimes, regardless of their backgrounds.


I have unfortunately been a victim of crime on a number of occasions, including being mugged in my own home. 


In last 2017, I had a Tomcat Bullet Trike stolen, which was returned after a Social media appeal.


I have also been interviewed under caution on a specific matter although the matter never went further.


I have had to opportunity to have a tour of a Prison, as a guest.


I have always been keen to understand the policy and procedures used in the Criminal Justice System, and how they are implemented in relation to people with various impairments


I have little opportunity to work in the Criminal Justice System, although I would be keen to do so


I believe disabled people should have an equal experience of the Criminal Justice System, whether they are victims or perpetrators of crime, and that relevant services should be able to meet people’s specific needs.


I can provide a range of consultancy and training services in support the Criminal Justice System in meeting with specific needs of disabled people.