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I regard Dysability has a branch of social science which relates to the many complex issues that exists in today's society relates to and manages people with impairments.


As someone with cerebral palsy, I have direct and clear personal experience of dysability issues since my birth in 1974


My experiences not only come from my own personal understanding, but also living, working and socialising with a wide range of dysabled people throughout my life.


I regard Dysability as a large complex landscape of needs, issues and opinions, which many different impairment and issue groups. 


I can assist individuals and organisations to navigable this landscape and the conflicts between different impairment groups and issues.


I have worked with many organisations in many sectors to assist them better understand a range of dysability issues and implement changes accordingly.


I have provided organisations like eBay a greater insight in how they can meet both the access needs of dysabled people, like how to improve their categorisation system to include dysability related equipment.


I believe dysability is a complex issue that few people properly understand and there is an important role that people like myself can play.


I can provide a range of consultancy and training services on a range of dysability issues.