Frequently Asked


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Why do I wear a helmet?


I mainly wear a helmet in case of falls but it is also a kind of fashion statement and now even my personal trademark. 


When I was 17 I fell back on some ice at college and knocked myself out which encouraged me to try a helmet. 


I believe it is better to be safe than sorry!



Do I have any contact with my family?



No. My family are all alive as far as I know although they play no part in my life. 


I feel they have never been willing to accept me for who I am and I have not been willing to pretend to get on with people when I don’t! 


I am happy with the situation.



Why do I sometimes use a harness in my wheelchair?


While I can walk in my own way in my own home, I can not sit very well. 


I wear a harness in my wheelchair so I can keep upright and I feel comfortable. 


It is important that the crotch strap is always fastened as it stops the possibility of me sliding down.



What is a dysability issues consultant?


A dysability issues consultant is someone who is normally paid but can be unpaid to provide organisations of all types detailed information on specific matters which relates to issues that affect all or a specific group of disabled people. 


I have been a dysability issues consultant for over 20 years and I have worked with over 200 organisations in that time.


Why do I wear nappies when I go out?


I wear nappies with plastic pants when I go out in case I am not able to reach the toilet in time and to soak up any drips after I have been to the toilet. 


I prefer the term nappy instead of pad or brief because I am not embarrassed to call things what they are!



What is my greatest achievement so far?


I like to say that ‘today’ is always my greatest achievement because it is the result of every day before today. 

However, my greatest achievement has to be Wheelies, my disability themed nightclub, because of the impact it has generated in so many ways.



What do I do on my computer all day?


I do many activities on my computer such as emails, banking, shopping and writing reports to name a few. 

While it may often look like I am doing nothing or using the computer too much, I am always working on a number of projects at one time which can be hard for me to properly explain! 

I also have my iPad for when I want to relax and play games.


Am I ever bored?


No, I simply have not got time to be bored!



What are my goals for the future?


World Domination?? 

My current goal is having a degree of stability and steady improvement in my health, work, finances and so on. I like to remain happy in all aspects of my life.



What countries have I visited?


I have visited many counties including;


Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lanzarote, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Tenerife, Tunisia, Turkey, USA (Boston, Chicago, Florida and Seattle)



Why do I like things to be done my own way?


Because it is my life and why should I not have the things I can control done in the way which is best for my needs and what I want. 

I have never minded if my own was unusual or seems odd but so long as it works for me!



Why do I wear a swimming hat in the pool?


I wear a swimming hat in the pool for many reasons but mainly to keep my head warm and so I can be seen easily in the pool. 


There are always clear reasons for all the equipment and clothing I use and when I use them.



Have I been on TV?

I have been on TV a few times in a range of documentaries and news programmes in the UK and worldwide.

 I have also appeared as myself on a hidden camera disability themed comedy called “I’m Spazticus” on Channel 4.



What is my greatest strength?

I regard my greatest strength has my determination which people have always remarked upon. 


Right from when I was an early child I have been determined to live life my way. I feel this is supported by the pride in myself.



Do I have any flaws?

I can be a selfish stubborn egotistical bastard but why not? 


No one is perfect and I would never pretend to be as I am honest about who I am.



How would you sum me up?

The key words to sum me up on are proud, determined, enterprising, honest, compassionate, direct and me!