Crazee Rider - Crazee Rider

I have always considered myself to have relatively good health as it is a state of mind rather than based on arbitrary facts.


I have had cerebral palsy since birth, which affects my speech (Dysphagia), mobility, dexterity, balance and continence to a significant degree as well as providing me with a very good sense of humour.

I also have had mild Asthma since being a child that in many ways prevented me more from taking part in more adventurous activities than having cerebral palsy, due to its impact on my breathing.

In 2009, after a long period of general ill health and excessive alcohol use, I experienced an acute nerve virus, which attacked my nerves from my toes upwards and reaches my naval before being treated. 


This left me completely immobile for 3 months and required 6 months community based rehab to assist me to walk again. 

I have to wear adult disposable nappies or cloth training pants with plastic pants most of the day due to my incontinence.

Due to my drooling, I wear all day a drool bib.

While I can feed myself, I need to wear a plastic apron with sleeves at mealtimes as I can be messy. 

This episode has left me with long term and constant complex chronic pain issues which is managed by a comprehensive array of medications.

I have previously had acid reflux (GERD).


To complete an improved management of my health and well-being, I explored my mental wellness and discovered I have mild bipolar, which I can now track back to having always been a part of my life that I simply coped with. 


I believe it is a part of the normal stresses that is put upon people with significant impairments who choose to live independently and make a contribution to society at the time when many barriers remain.


With medication, I have learnt to be more chilled than a Buddhist Eskimo most of the time! I am not sure my personality has changed because of my medication but it has allowed me to manage my moods better. 


I still get frustrated and I do rant with people on social media etc, but I now better understand my moods, and I know how I am feeling and use techniques to handle extremes. 


I was also previously self medicating using alcohol and so meds are a far more improved situation for me at this time in my life. 


I stopped drinking for a few years but I started again in 2014 in a more manageable way before stopping for good in 2016.


Other health issues I have experienced in my life includes carpal tunnel syndrome, chest infections, chickenpox, ingrowing toe nails, hooping cough, measles, pneumonia, reflux, scarlet fever and tooth decay.

Health services I have used throughout my life includes chiropodists, continence services, counselling, dentists, district nurses, GP, occupational therapists, orthopaedic consultants, neurologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and wheelchair services.


I have also started Cycling in 2017.  

My worse nightmare is waking up normal because my identity, my extensive, my work, my support and my benefits would be lost. and unless the cure included cooking and other skills, I would need rehab.

My health is currently very good and I feel happy, it is great to tick off each day as a good day.