on Hospitals

Tommy - Tommy


At aged 46 with now severe cerebral palsy I have had vast experience of hospital admissions over the last few years which has included positive and negative experiences.

I must first clarify any negative experiences does not mean I do not appreciate the support, kindness and respect I have received from the majority of staff. There have however been staff I have found unhelpful and intimidating.

While I am an internationally respected disability activist living and successfully coping with cerebral palsy and other conditions, the hospital simply reduces me to a ‘drool spastic’ in gown and nappy who for most part is regarded as having learning difficulties and have no idea what is going. The reality is very different.

In general, the hospital experience is inaccessible to me as I am not able to be as independent as I am at home. The hospitial bed is the bane of my life as I constantly slide down the bed as well as being very uncomfortable.

Hospitals must change urgently to meet the needs of everyone.