Soul Limbo - Soul Limbo

I always recognised the need for a ‘left brain right brain’ balance to life, which means for me that leisure is as important in life as work for physical and emotional well-being.


I have always liked to try every leisure activity and opportunity available to me at least once to find out if I like it, as how else can you comment on it?


I am very much a water baby and I love any activities involving the water and wearing a wetsuit, from swimming to canoeing to waterskiing. Capsizing is all part of the fun, so long as you have all the proper kit on, and I have never been frightened of getting wet. 


I hate when ‘people’ put disabled people in canoes and other boats in their street clothing and promise they will not get wet… what is the point if you can not get wet!


I have been a keen swimmer all of my life and in the mid 1990s, I was a Cerebral Palsy Class 2 National Swimming Champion as someone who uses a floatation device (lifejacket).


I have tried a number of sports activities throughout my life including abseiling, archery, basketball, bungee jumping, caving, canoeing, chess, coasteering, cricket, cycling, fencing, football, jetskiing, power glidingrounders, sailing, skiing, snorkeling, swimming, rock climbing, table tennis, tandem-parachute jump, tenpin bowling, waterskiing, windsurfing, wrestling and zip wire.


I have also started Cycling in 2017.


Food and Music are both passions for me, which I explore in every way I can. I love good food from all cuisines and a very wide range of music, my tastes are unusual to say the least. Other leisure activities I enjoy doing include finger painting, watching movies, and watching television.


I do not always balance my leisure well with my work but I do try my best!