Do the Hippogriff - Do the Hippogriff

The Stevens' Manifesto is a comprehensive collection of what I would do if I could manage or advise the UK Government with bold and sometimes radical solutions  

It is directory of 1216 suggestions on 35 topics designed by myself, Simon Stevens, a leading disability inclusion consultant and activist.


As well as showing the wide range of issues I understand and have an opinion about, this is a discussion document to assist the development of policy at all levels.


The idea for the manifesto came during the 2017 General Election. I felt I needed produce a list of what policies from the main parties’ manifestos, as well as some of my own, I personally supported beyond party political lines for my own understanding. The idea grew and developed into the fully comprehensive document you are reading.


The aim of the document is two-fold. The first aim is to establish a full and comprehensive understanding of my complex viewpoints beyond simple soundbites on a range of political subjects that are independent from any political party or ideology, and what I would propose doing if I run the government.


The second aim of the document is to be a comprehensive campaigning tool for political and social change on a wide of range in a manner that is honest and realistic to the process of implementation. The solutions are not costed, as I am not in a position to do this as a lone campaigner with limited resources. They are however a starting point for further constructive real debate and discussion can goes beyond the soundbites used in the media.

The manifesto is focused on the issues and politics of England although the bodies and policies proposed can be replicated for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I hope you find this document useful and I am happy for it to be distributed to anyone you believe would find it useful.