Proud - By Heather Small

Organise is a range of lifestyle planning, actions, assessment and recordings tools that support the adult social work assessment framework for individuals, local authorities and other organisations.


This service includes a whole range of template documents that make up a complete assessment recording system that is service user focused and led by outcomes in order to meet appropriate and coproduced requirements.


The service will include a range of support services to assist social care professionals in understanding the lifestyle assessment process. The aim of the service is to provide modern, effective and user friendly tools which enables and empowers users of adult social care to manage their requirements.


This includes is an online personal shopping service with a focus on the needs of people with significant impairments. The service supports individuals or organisation to purchase equipment, holidays or indeed anything they wish, ensuring that they are able to make informed choices.


There is a fee dependent of the type of item being purchased and the customer makes any purchases directly from the suppliers. Customers will receive a detailed report on the choices available to them in a format most helpful to them.