Terms of Service

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1. This document outlines the services of term of work carried out by myself as Simon Stevens of 21 Stanton Road, Coventry, or my representatives
2. The terms are applicable when no other terms are agreed which may supersede this document


3. Work is defined as any activities carried out by myself or my representatives with the expectation or agreement of receiving payment for it.
4. A customer is deemed as anyone who has asked for work to be carried out, or anyone who may ask for work to be carried out in the future.
5. A visitor is deemed to be anyone who visited my physical or virtual property.


6. All work carried out will be invoiced for immediately after completion unless otherwise specified
7. Discounts may be offered to any payments made in advance of any outstanding payments
8. Outstanding amounts should be paid within 14 days of an invoice being issued
9. Payments may be made in the following ways;

9.1. Directly in my bank account using the details shown on the invoice

9.2. By UK Sterling cheque

9.3. By paypal paid to simon@simonstevens.com9.4. In lindens via Secondlife

10. If outstanding amounts are not paid within 28 days of an invoice being issued, debt recovery procedures will be implemented.
11. Customers who do not pay outstanding amounts may be barred from my products and services until it is paid

Working conditions

12. Customers will be responsible for ensuring the working conditions of work carried out at
the their property meets good standards.


13. The copyright of any written material produced for the specific use of a customer will remain the copyright of myself until the work is signed off and paid for.
14. Any general training or other material produced by myself will remain the copyright of myself at all times.
15. Any breaches in copyright will be taken very seriously.

Travel Expenses

16. When I am required to attend meetings at the request of customers, unless otherwise stated, they will be required to either pay or arrange the following travel for myself and a personal assistant;

16.1. Train tickets

16.2. Taxis as required

16.3. Air tickets if applicable

16.4.        Any other reasonable expense

17. Public Transport will be used wherever possible due to the use of an electric wheelchair
18. First Class travel will always be preferred to reduced my tiredness and pain levels.

Materials and Resources

19. For training and other events provided physically, customers will be responsible in providing the following;

19.1. a venue suitable for the event

19.2. any participation costs occurred

19.3. refreshments as required, if only to myself

19.4. use of presentation equipment

19.5. any other requirements not mentioned as agreed

20. I will be responsible for providing the following;

20.1. Appropriate training material on an USB stick or email

20.2. My words and wisdoms

Code of Conduct

21. Any visit to my physical or virtual property will be asked to following rules;

21.1. To be respectful to myself, my staff and other visitors

21.2. To conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the environment and situation they are in.

21.3. To behave in a manner that is legally and morally acceptable

22. Any breaches in conduct may result in visitors being asked to leave my property
23. Any serious breaches in conduct may result in visitors being prohibited from entering my property for any length of time


24. Customers can expect their business, in all its forms, to remain confidential in any interaction between myself and any representative.
25. I require customers and visitors to keep any private information shared by myself or any representative to remain confidential for an indefinite period.
26. Any breaches 
in confidentiality will be treated very seriously.

Personal Support

27. I may require personal support from my personal assistants while I am carrying out work
28. I am responsible for the welfare of my personal assistants
29. Customers are required to respect my personal assistants and accommodation any reasonable additional needs they may have.

 Communication Methods

30. I can be contacted by anyone in the following ways;

30.1. By post to 21 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FF

30.2. By phone to +44 7825 149227

30.3. By text at +44 7825 149227

30.4. By email to simon@simonstevens.com

30.5. By live chat on my website at www.simonstevens.com

31. I may be met by anyone on request in the following ways;

31.1. Physically at my home and office of 21 Stanton Road, Coventry

31.2. Physically at any other agreed location

31.3. Virtually at any agreed location with Secondlife

32. Other methods of communication may be arranged on request
33. Email communication is always preferred over post for access,
cost and environmental reasons
34. Face to face physical meetings should be kept to a minimum

Being Green

35. The use of paper should be kept to a minimum in any activity
36. Any face to face meeting should be kept to only what is effectively required

Other Issues

37. The terms of services may be changed at any time without prior notice