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Understand Assistance is an e-book guide for People who employ Personal Assistants. It is a comprehensive guide exploring every aspect of the employment and management of personal assistants, as well as the qualities and skills a personal assistant may need. The guide will cover the preparation needed to successfully employ personal assistants, the recruitment process, employment law, disciplinary and grievances processes, managing finances, interpersonal skills, active safeguarding, guidance on specific issues, and much more. The aim of the guide is to a straight talking guide that is also sensitive to the diverse range of needs of employers and personal assistants.


The guide covers the following questions and issues;


Most Personal Assistants are not really personal assistants? What does employing a personal assistant involve?
Why would I want a Personal Assistant?
How can a personal assistant support me?
What hours should my personal assistants work?
How do I start recruiting a Personal Assistant?
Writing a job description for my Personal Assistant
Writing a person spec for my Personal Assistant Advertising for a Personal Assistant
Interviewing for a personal assistant
Selecting a Personal Assistant
Welcoming your new Personal Assistant
Writing your personal assistant’s employment contract
How do I train my new Personal Assistant?
Feeling safe with my new Personal Assistant
Can my Personal Assistant be a family member?
Can I employ a Personal Assistant with a criminal record? What can or can not a Personal Assistant do?
Can my friend’s Personal Assistant work for me?
Can I employ a Personal Assistant who is an immigrant?

Can I advertise for a gay Personal Assistant?
The personal assistant employer’s checklist
The right way to pay a Personal Assistant
Why do Bank Holidays matter to a Personal Assistant? Going on holiday with your Personal Assistant
Can Personal Assistants drive my car?
Using my Personal Assistant to make my own mistakes The case of the Personal Assistant and the out of date food Keeping my Personal Assistant safe
Should I give my Personal Assistant my PIN number?


Managing the expectations of myself about my Personal Assistant

Should I pay for a Personal Assistant meals?

Can my personal assistant use their mobile phone at work? Should I ask my former Personal Assistant to come back? Why do I need Personal Assistant insurance?

I think I am in love with my Personal Assistant

Can I ask my Personal Assistant to help me decorate?

Can I do sporting activities with my Personal Assistant? Managing your Personal Assistants at Christmas

Managing personal assistants who live with you 

How to tell my Personal Assistant when I am unhappy?

What can I do if my Personal Assistant is not doing their job right?

How can I formally discipline my Personal Assistant?

What should I do if I want my Personal Assistant to leave? How should I give feedback to my Personal Assistant?

Help! My Personal Assistant is taking me to employment tribunal

Giving a former Personal Assistant a reference

How can I be prepared for emergencies with my Personal Assistant?

Can my Personal Assistant refuse to take me to a protest? Should my Personal Assistant join a trade union?

What courses can my Personal Assistant do?

How can I keep my personal space with my Personal Assistant?

Can my Personal Assistant be my friend?

How do I stay in control of my personal assistant?

What can I do if I am scared of my Personal Assistant?

Why is Confidentiality between my personal assistant and myself important?

Why is it important to be polite to your staff?