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My mission in life is to make an active contribution to supporting disabled people and others maximise their life opportunities and experiences through all my activitiesI achieve this by supporting individuals and organisations to improve the life experiences of and opportunities for everyone, but in particular people with significant impairments.


I strongly believe in the principals of enablement and empowerment to support individuals, particularly people with impairments, to improve themselves and their situation, including their lifestyle, to the best of their abilities, and to ensure people can maximise the human potential that exists within them.


I strongly believe work, in whatever form, is good for everyone in terms of achieving happiness. I define work as the ability to help others, in whatever way someone is able to, whether that is paid or unpaid.


I never had a role model or an advocate, rather it has been my own determination, strength and passion that inspired me to help others.


I have always felt fortunate about the opportunities I had in my life and I have therefore always felt I had a responsibility to help others.


My values are central to how I live, work and play, and I am unwilling to compromise my values, even if that makes me unpopular.