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Watersports are a wide range of water based leisure activities.


I love trying any kind of activity that involved wearing a wetsuit, and I am passionate that people with additional or changing needs have the opportunity to try activities as I have.

My favourite kind of wetsuit is a beavertail wetsuit which is traditionally wetsuit trousers and a jacket with a crotch flap with metal twistlock fasteners. I believe it is easier to put   on for many disabled people.


I have worked with many water sports organisation to improve the accessibility of their activities.


I have provided organisations with advice to make their activities for user friendly for people with additional or changing needs, including what special equipment may be needed.


I believe all water based activities should be as accessible as possible for people with additional or changing needs.

In terms of sports generally I have tried abseiling, basketball, bowling, canoeing, caving, coasteering, cricket, fencing, football, gymnastics, hydrospeeding, jet skiing, parachute jumping, roller skating, rafting. rounders, sailing, skiing, snorkelling, swimming, table tennis, tennis, waterskiing, windsurfing and wrestling.

I can provide a range of consultancy and training services in terms of water based sports.